About Cristina

Cristina Gildee began teaching hot hatha in 2011, then began her exploration into creative vinyasa in 2012 after graduating from Sattva Yoga Teacher Training under the tutelage of Ali Valdez and the mentorship of Carina Terra. As a Ph.D. student (Biological Anthropology) at the University of Washington, and she integrates her studies in human evolutionary biology, biomechanics, and medicine with yogic science in order to create holistic flows which offer support and inspiration. Over the years, she has had the privilege of working with teachers such as Liz Doyle, Edward Clark, and Andrey Lappa, among others. Their explorations of creative movement and the principles of the Universal Yoga system are seen in her classes, where she provides challenging and engaging flows to trap your mind and bring you out of your comfort zone. She encourages her students always to push their boundaries, but to build a communicative relationship with their bodies in order to practice safely. 

Kind Words

Cristina’s classes are great for beginners, intermediaries and advanced yoga practitioners. Her knowledge about anatomy and physiology allow her to direct and help individuals to safely and effectively practice yoga and improve in their yoga classes. As a beginner myself, her classes were easy enough to follow along with, but advanced enough to challenge my abilities. Her classes are fun and her commentary witty. She really cares for her students and puts a lot of thought into every class she teaches.


Cristina’s depth of yoga knowledge built upon a strong foundation of anatomy gives her a unique vantage point to guide us in yoga classes.  Her small adjustments and ‘tweaks’ keep me safe.  It’s this safety net that keeps me showing up for classes for the past 4+ years, sometimes even at 6:30 a.m.!


Cristina's classes are always warm and welcoming, with a focus on not just the movement but the structure of the body. I appreciate that she works with the individual body to find the posses that work for you. And she leads some pretty kickass retreats to Costa Rica that are both fun and challenging in the best ways


Cristina's yoga classes are a journey for me, as she helps us feel comfortable enough to explore our bodies in depth, all intertwined with her marvelous sense of humor and extensive anatomy knowledge.

- T.H.

Cristina truly embraces the spirit of wholeness in her yogic practice. After attending her classes and one of her retreats in Costa Rica, I have deepened my understanding of integrating the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of myself. As someone who was initially resistant to yoga, I can also attest to Cristina's talent for meeting each client at their individual ability level.


Cristina is an outstanding yoga instructor. Her knowledge of anatomy and the history of anatomy has allowed me to learn more about myself, has enhanced my practice, and has made me a better yoga teacher. I know that when I take one of Cristina's classes that I will be challenged mentally and receive a great work out - and she makes it fun!


- C.S.

When I first started going to Cristina's classes I was incredibly out of touch with my body. After just a couple of weeks of her classes I was able to reconnect with myself physically and emotionality. She has an amazing talent for bringing awareness to one's body, knowledge of anatomy, creating a safe space and knowing when to push her students. Very few yogis are in touch with their students as she is.


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