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What We Do

Each month we choose a trail (5-8 miles roundtrip) and immerse ourselves in the unique beauty of the PNW wilderness. Get up, get out, and unplug, while enjoying the medicine of simply being in the forest.  We practice mindfulness methods during leisurely walks and allow the senses to be flooded by the environment. You'll be guided through a 30-45 minute meditation surrounded by nature, after which we'll enjoy an organic vegetarian lunch lovingly prepared for you by your guide (special diets happily accommodated). Commune with nature, bring a friend, or meet new ones!


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Why We Do It

"In every walk with nature,

one receives far more than he seeks."

—John Muir



While it may seem intuitive, scientific research has shown that taking time to immerse yourself in nature and connect with its rhythms has measurable restorative benefits for both mind and body. These benefits include decreased stress and blood pressure, as well as increased moods, mental performance, and creativity.  Phytoncides (the natural chemicals secreted by evergreen trees) have been associated in multiple studies with improved immune function.


The guided meditations give you life-long tools for self-practice which are critical for maintaining manageable cortisol levels, cultivating self-awareness, and improving quality of life. The organic, chef-inspired lunches keep your body nourished.

How We Give Back

Joining one of these events helps keep Washington trails beautiful. Each hike makes a donation to the Washington Trails Association, a non-profit organization which supports the trail maintenance, advocacy and education programs that protect and preserve Washington’s trails.

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