Alan Watts - You're It

October 22, 2016

10,000 things, one suchness

"In this universe there is one great energy, and we have no name for it. People have tried various names for it, like 'GOD' like 'Brahman' like 'Tao' but in the West the word "God" has got so many funny associations attached to it, that most of us are bored with it. When people say "God, The Father Almighty" most people feel funny inside. But according to Buddhist philosophy, all this universe is one TATHATA. That means ten thousand functions, or ten thousand things, one suchness, and we're ALL one suchness."

"You realize you're that, and you can't be anything else, so you are relieved of fundamental terror. That doesn't mean that you're aways going to be a great hero; that you wont jump when  you hear it bang, that you won't worry occasionally, that you won't lose your temper. It means though, that fundamentally, deep deep down within you, you will be able to be HUMAN - in the pain, difficulties, and struggles that naturally go with human existence. But to have no hang-ups - that is to say, to be able to drift like a cloud and flow like water. Seeing that all life is a magnificent illusion. A playing of energy, and there is absolutely nothing fundamentally to be afraid of. Fundamentally.  You will be afraid on the surface. You will be afraid of putting your hand in the fire, you will be afraid of getting sick. But, you will not be afraid of fear. Fear will pass over your mind like a black cloud will be reflected in the mirror."


-Alan Watts 



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