Yoga on the Road: Vrksasana

September 7, 2018



I believe that forests everywhere each have their own unique energy. Nothing compares to the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest- they feel sacred, primeval, ancient. The forests here in Rösrath are different, but no less beautiful. These trees feel as though they are watching and holding secrets. They tell Fairy Tales. 


Like any other asana, Vrksasana can be any kind of tree you can think of. It can stand tall and fierce or gnarled by the passage of time. It can be young and supple or stiff or broken.  Regardless of its outward appearance, all trees have something in common. They have seen seasons come and go. They are unbothered by the little dramas we create for ourselves. They remain untouched by worry or fear. Let them inspire you.


What kind of tree do you want to be today? 


Try it:

1. Pick a spot to plant your tree and root down through the four corners of your feet: the base of the big toe, base of the pinky toe, and either side of each heel.

2. Lift the arches of your feet. Imagine your toes and heels extend through the ground. Take a deep breath and lift up the muscles of your pelvic floor and lower abdomen.

3. Place the sole of one foot against the inseam of the opposite leg. You can place the foot as high or as low as you like, just avoid placing pressure on the knee!

4. Use an exhale to ground down and feel the backside of your body (think shoulder blades and sacrum) reaching for the earth. Inhale and lift your heart, not only physically, but imagine that the center of your body could truly rise up through the back of your heart.

5. Breathe slowly and try to find stillness.


Bringing your palms together at your sternum can help you find balance in the beginning.


When you find your center, experiment by moving your arms with your breath. Raise them overhead, let them sway in the breeze. Bend this way and that, testing yourself. 


Above all, don’t worry about what it looks like!


"Ich ging im Walde

So für mich hin,

Und nichts zu suchen,

Das war mein Sinn..."



"I was walking

In the wood alone,

And intended

To look for nothing."


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